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SLCH ASH Partnership is recognized for the fourth consecutive year !

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The Sri Lanka College of Haematologists

The Sri Lanka College of Haematologists was formed as a limited company under the Companies Act of No. 17 of 1982 on the 11th of December 1997. This was due to the far sightedness and the pioneering efforts of a few individuals, who became the founder members of the College. They were, Prof. S. B. Ellepola, Dr. M. N. Prematilake, Dr. A. P. M. Ganegoda, Dr. H.MS. Vidyatileke, Dr. I. S. Wijesiriwardene, Dr. A. P. Kurukulasuriya,and Dr. M. N. Tudawe.

President's Message

It is indeed an honour and a privilege to be appointed as the president of the Sri Lanka College of Haematologists for the year 2018. I would like to express my sincere gratitude to the members of the Sri Lanka College of Haematologists for the trust placed in me by appointing me as the President.

I greatly appreciate the contribution of the patrons, the past presidents, the councils and all the members of the college for being the pillars of the immense success achieved over the past years in the field of Haematology in Sri Lanka.

During my tenure five regional workshops covering the Southern, Eastern, Central, North Central and North Western provinces will be organized targeting the medical officers, laboratory staff and nursing staff to disseminate knowledge and skills related to current topics of interest.

The contribution made by the college in developing the Haematology diagnostics and therapeutics in Sri Lanka is immense. The major event of the SLCH, the Annual International Conference on Haematology – Haem Icon 2018 will be conducted from 28th to 29th September 2018 at the Grand Kandyan Hotel, Kandy to update on the diagnostic and therapeutic paradigm of Haematological diseases which has further deepened over the past years. This will be followed by pre congress workshops in Colombo.

A joint workshop with the College of Pathologists of Sri Lanka will be conducted on morphological diagnostics. A workshop on new diagnostics in Haematology which will cover flow cytometry and molecular diagnostics will be organized. The Continuous Medical Education Program started by the council of 2017 for the medical officers in Haematology and other activities and projects started in the past year will be continued.

Three Haematology updates and the 2018 version of Sri Lanka Journal of Haematology will be published by the editorial board during this year. Guidelines, national registries and protocols will be formulated and approved by the appointed subcommittees. These will be published on the college website making it accessible to all the others.

Six trainees days/ red boxes will be conducted for the six post graduate training clusters which will give excellent opportunity for the training Haematologists to discuss and present interesting clinical scenarios. Workshops and mock exams will be organized as in the past years to help the training Haematologists to further enhance their knowledge. Research workshops will be organized by the research subcommittee to motivate training Haematologists on Haematology research.

I am thankful to the council and all my colleagues for their unconditional support and help extended towards all activities. Wish you all strength and courage in all your endeavors.




Prof S.N.Wickramasinghe Research Grants

Prof. S.N.Wickramasinghe research fund is established to support the funding of research related to haematology. Applicants are encouraged to tackle research issues linked to laboratory and clinical haematology prioritized by Sri Lanka College of Haematologists and Ministry of Health.

Applications are now being accepted from the members of Sri Lanka College of Haematologists for Prof S.N.Wickramasinghe research grants.

The grant limit is Rs. 500 000.00

The deadline to submit the application is 15th December 2016.

 Guideline for provision of research grants   

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Formed as a limited company under the Companies Act of No. 17 of 1982 on the 11th of December 1997, to promote and foster the advancement of knowledge in Haematology which include, both clinical and laboratory aspects of haematology in Sri Lanka.

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