EHA Hematology Tutorial in Collaboration with the Sri Lanka College of Haematologists on February 23-24, 2017


Date/; February 23-24, 2017
Location:Colombo, Sri Lanka

R Foà
K Wickramaratne

Goal of the meeting
This tutorial provides an integrated diagnostic and clinical work-up of hematological disorders. The scientific program takes participants through the diagnostic and clinical pathway with plenary lectures, interactively conducted clinical case study sessions and self-assessment sessions.

Target group
Hematology trainees, hematologists and oncologists in Sri Lanka and Southeast Asia.


  • Treatment of multiple myeloma (including autologous SCT)
  • Inherited bone marrow failure syndromes
  • ALL- diagnosis and treatment (adults and pediatrics)
  • Chronic lymphoproliferative disorders – chronic lymphocytic leukemia / small lymphocytic lymphoma: treatment
  • Chronic lymphoproliferative disorders – low-grade non-Hodgkin lymphoma: diagnosis and treatment
  • Bone marrow failure syndromes – paroxysmal nocturnal hemoglobinuria Stem cell transplantation
  • Bone marrow failure syndromes – acquired aplastic anemia
Program Schedule

Download (PDF, 101KB)